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Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning

Like any other surface, carpet requires a thorough cleaning from time to time. Maryland/DC/Virginia residents know a vacuum cleaner does a good job, but only professional carpet cleaners with heavy-duty wet-cleaning equipment can lift up compacted dirt, eliminate allergens and make your carpets look like new again. This region’s winters can be especially tough on carpets, as dirty snow, mud, sand and salt get tracked into the house and embedded deep into your carpet fibers.

You might need professional carpet cleaning in Maryland/DC/Virginia if:

  • – You are moving out of a rental or selling your house
  • – Your carpets got stained
  • – You are hosting a party or expecting visitors
  • – Your carpets look dirty from heavy traffic
  • – You have area or oriental rugs that require special cleaning care to preserve beautiful colors and structure
  • – Your pets or children have frequent “accidents” on the carpet
  • – You or any of your family members have allergies and experienced increased allergy attacks

Getting professional, affordable carpet cleaning services on a regular basis maintains the clean look and feel of your carpets and will help prolong its life.

We use only green products for carpet cleaning that are:

  • – Soap-free
  • – Unscented
  • – Hypo-allergenic
  • – Non-toxic
  • – All natural and eco-friendly
  • – Have no VOCs or off-gassing

We don’t like traditional chemical-loaded carpet cleaners that leave a strong odor known to cause headaches, migraines and even allergies. We wouldn’t use them in our homes or business, and we don’t want to use them in yours. Instead, we apply oxygen-based products that do the job just as well, but without all the adverse effects. Protect your children, pets and other family members by going green with eco-friendly carpet cleaning.

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